A family torn by hateful discourse

It all ended in divorce.
A family torn by hateful discourse.
A father, with no reason.
A mother, hurt by treason.

One son understands it.
The younger son resents it.
The daughter hates it.
A volatile composite.

The house got sold,
Lawyers were called.
The dogs moved to the daughter’s,
The older son was emotionally farther.

The younger moved into a basement,
With no walls, and a floor of cement.
Happy for a place to stay,
Promising, to never make his children,
Live this way.

7 thoughts on “A family torn by hateful discourse

    1. For sure. That’s a goal of mine. A lot of poems I write are empathetic, trying to put myself into other’s shoes. This particular one was very real and “close to home” so to speak. Thank you for the comment, I’ll break the cycle 😉

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