Follow the rules

When I’m older, I’ll make the rules.
This is a quote of fools.
As children we think adulthood,
Will actually being something good.

What we don’t know,
Is that things don’t go,
The way that we plan,
When working for the man.

Do you really make the rules?
Or does your job work like schools?
Show up at this time,
Do your work and you’ll be just fine.

You don’t make the rules,
You follow them.

6 thoughts on “Follow the rules

  1. (Follow the rules to placate the fools, and misdirect their attention with a smile. Sing them a song and before too long not even king Solomon will be able to contain my vitriolic bile)


  2. Love the poem! Sometimes rules are important, but other times they are part of the system which is endorsing them making people believe that this is what they want).

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    1. I think following the rules blindly leads to complacency. We should ask why we do what we do, so that, as you say, we can have our own beliefs. Even if those beliefs fall into another’s system, we at least know why

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