Inside vs. Outside

Melancholy is my state of mind.
In my mind mania is what you find.
On the outside I’m collected.
Organized and well connected.

I’m tall, yet built.
Forgiven, filled with guilt.
Fat, yet thin,
With very pale skin.

People seem to like me.
So why don’t I like me?
In the advertisement age,
I see what I should be,
On the front page.

We lie to ourselves to get by.
We say that we want to die.
Shouldn’t that be a clear sign of strife?
When our society would choose death over life.

Yet I understand.
The call of the void touches us all.
Death is not a blessing.
It is a curse.

11 thoughts on “Inside vs. Outside

    1. Thank you for the comment. I found myself enjoying writing this one because of the honesty in it. This is much more real and I think it speaks towards the state of society, which is not exactly fun to think about.


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