“We should get a drink”

“We should get a drink.”
The classic vain offer
Given by a friend
Cheers’ed by myself
Agreement to be let down
Agreement to be neglected
Agreement to be left
Sitting, wondering why I said yes again
Sitting, wondering why he doesn’t show
Sitting, knowing that I saw this coming.

Why offer empty words
That sour like milk curds
Downgrading me to two-thirds
A human like the past herds.

I am human, I feel remorse.
When you leave me at the booth
To pay my own bill.
It’s cheaper than usual.
One beer, seven-ninety-nine.
One burger, eleven-ninety-nine.
One bill, twenty-one dollars and eighteen cents.
I paid the bill, like usual.
I tipped the waitress, like usual.
I sat for one more drink, like usual.

I sit hoping you’re just late.
Maybe you’ll somehow skate
Through the door with visible shake
Apologizing for perpetual mistake.

But you won’t.
I’ll see you at work the next day.
And you’ll leave me with the same words.
“We should get a drink.”
And my response?
“Yeah, for sure.”

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