I prayed for you, yet I forgot your name.

I prayed for you,
Yet I forgot your name.
Does God still hear,
These words I chew?

You were all youth,
I, barely your senior.
Yet you my responsibility,
Tasked to share truth.

I acted like I cared,
And deep down, I did.
I still do, I think of you often.
But it was falsity I shared.

I acted like I was fine
Like I flying through turbulence.
But my heart was breaking
While I masked myself with shine.

If I could go back,
I wouldn’t change.
My words were strong
I offered no slack.

I pray for you now,
That my false testimony
Does not break your witness.
That you keep your vow.

Please know, that I believe.
But belief does not mean peace
It means there is somewhere to go
When peace seems to leave.

3 thoughts on “I prayed for you, yet I forgot your name.

  1. Praying for someone you don’t know anymore is so precious, even if I’m taking your words too literally. Also, there is a book called ‘Horse walks into a bar’ by David Grossman, and I think it fits the kind of falsity you’re describing.


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