A desperate plea for company.
One that is known well by the lonely.
The lonely stand in crowds,
Yet in their heart, they are singular.

An ironic commonality, communally shared.
The want to be with others, that they cared.
I see past their eyes, I read their thoughts.
I know how they feel, because I think, the same.

I too have given a desperate “Please.”
It only is given at night, while on my knees.
It’s a cry for purpose within others.
A cry, that I say aloud, to myself.

That is the bane of the lonely.
Always crying out, with no one to hear.

3 thoughts on “Please.

  1. I extend my hand and hold it out. You may not see it, but I implore you to just reach out and grasp it. Hold it. Once I know you are holding on, I will lift you to your feet, out of perdition. It must be a purposeful choice. Not an accidental mistake. I’ve previously ripped unwilling plugins out by mistake… and thus the matrix security bots were notified of my existence and attacked my real life real world “starship” crew member co-pilot. .. by fucking with his simulacrum simulation.


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