My Human Vices

My human vices.
These small, strong devices.
Greed. Envy. Lust.
These are the American must.

I will not do what you do.
I will, turn to virtue.

I choose to trust my brother.
I choose to love my lover.
I choose to forgive my father.
I choose to care for my mother.

I choose to live for another.  
Will you do the same?

2 thoughts on “My Human Vices

  1. Yes. I will and do..Just because others are full of fear and tight with life doesn’t stop me. I just did a blog on two women Edith and Grace Abbott (#45) if you are raised to believe you can make the world better by helping others -you will. They were fighting for the immigrants and child labor laws back in the 1800s . It’s amazing to me some people seem so clueless even today on the plight of immigrants.Your poem is excellent.


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