You are a single flower.

You are lonely
You are a single flower
In a field of grass
Taking a foggy shower.
Beside you is another-
Colorful and covered in bees.
Why do they receive it?
Yet when a young boy sees
The beauty of your petals
He notices your shoots.
Grasping your stem gently
He pulls, scooping your roots
Carrying you home
To his home, now yours too.
Placing you gently in a pot.
A new home, just him, and you.


I let it rest on my tongue
Only for a moment’s time.
Then the capsule is formally flung,
Washed down with Corona and lime.

The combination soothes my itchy head
But it wakens my dreams.
I drift slowly to sleep in giant bed
Only to be woken by screams.

They are my own yells
Escaping the dreamland,
I had a dream about Kells.
And how she released my hand.

The Rubber Tramp

I only ever loved on woman
Her name needled into my arm forevermore
In small scratched black ink, “Lenore.”
Though I was abandoned at birth,
The lovely Lenore learned me healing.

I had one other love that trumped
A love for the road and leaving.
A rubber tramp, barely breathing
If I stuck in a town too long.
She however, was oxygen.

I would visit her stately stead,
Hoping for a meal, hoping for warmth
Hoping for the touch which warned
Warned of weary discontent and malcontent.
A touch forged with a demon’s hammer.

It was fuel for my heart
And though I would beg her,
Begging for company on the lone road,
No interest in my travel showed.
The fuel transferred from heart to tank.