Sunrises and Sunsets are Cheap

Sunrises and sunsets are cheap.
An easy display of colors
Plastered as crass metal in sky,
Textured by puffs of vapors.

To think, you were created
With more care than some sunset.
More intricate details lie in your freckles
Than a sunrise I will soon forget.

I tell you the truth, the God honest truth,
They got nothing on you.
When God created the sun it was for all,
When He created you, it was for few.

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10 thoughts on “Sunrises and Sunsets are Cheap

  1. I love the title & opening line – sunrises & sunsets (some of my favourite things in the world) are typically romanticised and acclaimed. But your opener grabs my attention and challenges my perspective.


    1. When I was younger I used to ride my longboard to the high school and just cruise. At the end I would watch the sunset and take pictures. It was my favorite pastime. Now I realize the beauty of sunsets is who you spend them with. I appreciate and cling to those times I spent alone admiring the beauty of creation, but I admire more the beauty of a loved one.


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