The Pine Tree

Tall and prickly, it gains weight
Slowly as white dust lands on it.
The strong trunk supports,
While the small branches sag.

It has no legs, but those underground.
It has no arms, but those which absorb.
Never moving, but always pushed.
Never changing color, except for branches hushed.

I have legs, always moving.
I have arms, always grabbing.
Always moving, but never pushed.
Always changing, but never hushed.

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14 thoughts on “The Pine Tree

    1. Thank you, this is the second time I have written this poem. I think I like the first time better because it had more depth, but this one has a simplistic image that can have a larger hosts of meanings to different readers.

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    1. Yes, the imagery of white dust, which is snow, is interesting because it shows how a lot of something small, or transitory, can become so burdensome that it can wear down something immense.


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