Cows have taken over my camp.

Cows have taken over my camp
I tried to take it back, I advance
On them, but stand no chance
Against that original leathertramp.

They mean no harm, they are curious.
They wonder what I am, what I do
Just as I wonder, “who are you?”
Though this is inconvenient, I am not furious.

There are other camps on this property,
They require more hiking, sure.
But they all offer ground still pure.
Something that has become a rare commodity.

The cows may have my campsite.
It was theirs before it was mine,
I stole it from them from their treeline.
I know they would run, there is no need to fight.

I have said before, nature kills reason.
Perhaps reason beckons a different call.
That this land was created for all
There is no reason to commit treason.

I want to know what you, the reader, thinks. Consider leaving a comment and I will reply!

17 thoughts on “Cows have taken over my camp.

    1. Thank you. Primitive Poetry, in my mind, refers more to the idea of getting back to what poetry is meant to be- art. I have a hard time reading books about poetry because they all make it out to be some Algorithm, and a set of dogmatic rules that should be followed. If you stray from these rules you just become a “freeverse writer” which is hardly respected by most. You’re right, what I do is not really primitive, it is well thought our and introspective, but it also is not to follow the status quo of poetry today.

      Thank you for commenting, feel free to read some more of my poetry. I would recommend starting with the “Author’s Pick” section.

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      1. I wish I could find the right balance. I’m not big on “funny” either, but I know a tiny bit of humor here and there can strengthen so of the thing Is write. Sometimes those touched work, sometimes not. But that honing the craft, right? Just keep writing : )

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      2. Thank you, I will keep writing. You’re right, this is honing a craft, and like honing steel this takes time and more effort than initially thought.


  1. I admire the strong themes of nature that usually come through your poems, and i particularly love the subtle thread of humour you weaved through this piece. The inclination that man has taken over and exploited what once was belonging to mother earth, wild and free, is a very important message that’s very hard to come by in places that aren’t environmentalist blogs. Kudos on the wonderful rhythm.

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    1. Thank you, if you are looking for similar theme, my other Poem “Nature Kills Reason” covers this as well. It is more serious and philosophical, but I hope you enjoy that as well.

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